Trauma Therapy


​Trauma causes lasting changes that not only impact our mind but also our body. Sometimes we do not consider events in our life traumatic but if you are having re-occuring issues in your relationships or disruptions to your ability to emotionally regulate- it may mean there are things from our past that may need our attention.

Sometimes we find we have a harsh inner critic that is causing damage to the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Could this voice be related to something in our past?

Together we can create a plan to address your feelings and/or behaviors that leave you feeling stuck.

Do you feel disconnected?
Healing is about balance.

A Message About Healing…

The thing about healing is we all hear it takes time. It is truly what you do during that time that matters. I am glad you’re here- you are likely looking for answers to how to help yourself to feel better.  Perhaps,  you are here because you are experiencing challenges in your everyday life after a traumatic event or perhaps dealing with the impact of toxic relationships and/or abusive family dynamics. You may be surprised to learn that ‘trauma’ is subjective. This means it is defined by you- no one can tell you what you are feeling is not real.
What we also know is that when we go through traumatic events it not only impacts our thinking but also how our body responds. In therapy we can look how we can help the mind and body integrate and move in a direction that leaves you feeling more safe and with less distress.

You do not have to do this alone.