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BEYOND WORDS is a Mom’s Choice Awards winner 2020!!

Be Kind.
Be Inclusive.
Be You.

My journey started when I recognized my son was speech delayed. I thought he was just a late talker. I had no idea it was Apraxia.

I wish I had more resources and information at the time to validate my concerns. I never want another parent to feel alone. The book that started this movement – Beyond Words: A Child’s Journey Through Apraxia
was written to help children entering school feel more comfortable and confident by helping peers understand the disorder.

It is the tool that I have read to his classmates and hope you will continue to share with your children’s school, whether they have apraxia or not.
We need more advocates!
We need to increase our awareness and promotion of inclusive practices for all children.
Thank you for recognizing the importance of this message. I’d love to hear your stories and collaborate with you!

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If you have a child with a speech delay reach out to Apraxia Kids to find support.

When it is more than a speech delay…
A Personal THANK YOU from Shawn-Michael!

Exciting Projects Featuring
Beyond Words: A Child’s Journey Through Apraxia

We are so grateful to all of you for helping us get the word out about apraxia. It is important to increase awareness so that every child receive proper care and diagnosis.

Shawn-Michael (7)
Apraxia All-Star
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Apraxia Workbook
Free Educational Resources

I’ve spoken with many SLPs that are excited to use our book as a resource in session!
To thank them and all the parents, teachers, and friends using this book to spread the message of inclusion, I wanted to share some free resources. The resources have been developed to compliment the social emotional teachings of the book and tie to the educational learning standards for social-emotional growth and development for early elementary students. Take a look and share! More to come so check back!

Storytime and the Three Bears: A Reading of
Beyond Words

More than ever it is important to share the message of acceptance, kindness, and inclusion. πŸ’™Our children are adjusting to an ever changing landscape from socialization, education, to navigating holidays/celebrations differently. Our neurodiverse children are no strangers to resiliency and challenge.🀟 Raising awareness for Apraxia is imperative because with early assessment effective treatment can begin. Thank you Storytime and The Three Bears for this lovely reading. Let’s all make it our bedtime story tonight. πŸ“šπŸ“˜#beyondwords#apraxiaawareness#apraxiakids

Chicago Parent Magazine Features Beyond Words

Dana Hall says she feels she’s just getting to know her 6-year-old son, Shawn-Michael.  For years, he’s been unable to tell her exactly what he wants, share his favorite color or even go on and on about his favorite movie like other kids because he has apraxia, a rare neurological disorder that interferes with speech. (Read Article for more insights.)

One of the hardest things in life is to have words in your heart that you can not utter.

-James Earl Jones
Going Beyond Words

Interview with Leslie Lindsay author of Speaking of Apraxia. Check out the interview:
Going Beyond Words

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Female First Featured our 7 Things You Should Know About Apraxia

Coming Soon in 2021!

Story Time at Awnie’s House Picks Up Beyond Words!!

Interview with Leslie Lindsay Author of Speaking of Apraxia.
Going Beyond Words Interview with Dana Hall