Healing Begins Where you are…

Therapy services are just one click away!
Comprehensive talk therapy in the convenience of your own home! Our program uses HIPAA Compliant Video steaming, all you do is click a link to enter your session.

Having the option of mobile therapy can increase flexibility and ease of treatment. Without needing to be concerned with location or timing, it can be easier to coordinate with one’s therapist. It can also facilitate more consistent therapy.

Despite the popularity of digital communication, some may still  question “virtual therapy”.

How can it be the same as sitting across from someone in person?

The good news is, data shows telecounseling is as effective at treating mental health disorders as an in-person therapy session. offer maximum health benefits.

So welcome to the new way we can connect and make sure that you never go without the support you need again! 

workplace with laptop and opened diary
Telehealth on your schedule
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Things to consider about your location:
❖ Do you have a good internet connection?
❖ Is it private? You may want to consider ear buds or headphones for privacy.
❖ Is it quiet?
❖ Is there adequate lighting? Make sure it is not too dark or there is not super bright lighting behind you. This helps us see you!
Our attendance policies are the same for telehealth as in-person sessions. If you need to cancel or reschedule please let your therapist know 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation charges.

This shows you exactly what you will see.